Project Planning

The initial and most fundamental step in any construction project; this phase of the process will layout the overall roadmap for both Builder and Homeowner alike. When done with care, consideration and foresight there is less chance of any major “surprises”, delays and hidden expenses. When working with Red Mailbox Inc. you are not only hiring our experienced team of building professionals, but our extensive network of architects, engineers, designers, surveyors and other industry-specific professionals. We work with a wide range of experts in each and every field and we carefully select who we introduce to our clients based on their distinct personal needs and unique construction requirements. We will walk you through every phase of the planning process – from site survey, to Committee of Adjustment application (if necessary), to Preliminary Permit Review and final Permit Applications. Let us do the heavy lifting. Let us get your project organized and off to the right start.

Interior / Exterior Design:

If you are looking to build a new home from the ground up, add a 2nd or 3rd floor or are simply looking to complete a “cosmetic” renovation to your existing property; the introduction and utilization of a Designer can be invaluable! Whether you have a vision of your future dream home and simply require someone to translate that vision on to paper or you have a general sense of what you “kinda-sorta” want – let one of our designers assist! Not only will these resources allow you to get exactly what you want, but it will allow us to make it happen in a much more efficient fashion. We have worked with many different industry leaders in the design field and have found that any fees which are associated with these services are often offset because of their network of contacts on materials, fixtures and finishes. Whether your tastes are modern or traditional, transitional or undecided; we can work with you to deliver the right solution and final product you will both love and be proud of!

Construction & Project Management:

Hiring the right team of Managers often is the single largest factor in completing your project on time, on budget, and equally as important – with a final product that you had dreamed of! Many people overlook the importance of this aspect of the building process and will often hire “professionals” based on their quotation, rather than their knowledge, experience and record of past success. There are also those home-owners who try to take on this role for large scale projects on their own. This may seem like a great money-saving notion on day one of the planning stage, however after many months of stress, stop & start construction schedules and budget overages; this decision can actually cost an inexperienced home-owner a considerable sum of money and quality of life.

With years of construction and management experience we will work along with you and on your behalf to ensure that the day to day operations of your project are handled professionally, efficiently and conscientiously! From dealing with the municipalities, on-site meetings with Inspections, Engineers or Architects, to ensuring the trades are on task, on time and on budget – we look after it all. Expecting and ensuring a clean, safe and professional work site is essential in minimizing the risk of injury and theft, as well as, doing our part in keeping all of the neighbors happy throughout the process!

When you are undertaking a project of any size, the time involved in planning, organizing and executing the day to day processes can be daunting; please give us a call so we can answer any further questions you may have.

Construction Services:

From demo to finish paint, there are just some things which we will always do because we know they will be done to our standards! Over the years we (and our clients) have come to expect a level of quality that not many sub-trades or other professionals can match. We invite you to have a look at some of our finished work in our gallery (add link to gallery) or to contact us directly (add link to contact section) in order for us to schedule an on-site walk through of one of our previously completed projects.

Real Estate & Investment Services / Analysis / Opinion of Value:

For our clients who are considering purchasing a property (which may need some work completed or would like to do some work prior to selling their home in order to maximize their return), we offer a Real Estate Analysis Summary and Construction Cost Matrix to maximize those desired returns. Matt has been a licensed Real Estate Professional for well over a decade and with extensive experience in both the residential and commercial fields, can assist whether you are buying, selling or just want to run some numbers to see if a construction project or investment opportunity makes sense.