A little about Red Mailbox Inc. –

Red Mailbox Inc. is a custom home and renovation company which focuses on quality, attention to detail and client satisfaction. Red Mailbox is a full-service construction firm offering: Design, Architectural, Engineer, Project Planning & Construction Management and of course full Construction Services. For our clients considering in purchasing a property which may need some work completed, or would like to do some work prior to selling their home in order to maximize their return, we offer a Real Estate Analysis Summary and Construction Cost Matrix to maximize those desired returns.

Red Mailbox Inc. got our start constructing new and renovating older homes for own investment strategies; we understand the stress, time and consideration that go into any successful project and we enjoy working with our clients to make this process as positive and worry-free as possible. Specializing in complex construction and unique renovation assignments, we have developed a network of skilled trades, licensed sub-trades and in-house team members who can handle any size project. Red Mailbox’s hands-on and proactive approach to building, not only allows us to create beautiful homes, but also reduces construction timelines and overall client expenditures. We truly understand how much time, energy and cost is involved in each project. We acknowledge and embrace that each of our clients are different; their reasons for undertaking any project and desired results vary immensely and recognize no assignment can begin or be successful until all of those criteria are clearly planned and communicated by all parties. Understanding that there has to be justification for all expenditures, while not cutting corners to “save a few bucks” (in fact, we will not cut corners to save money; if things are not going to be done correctly we will not do them). Lastly, there must be a realistic balance between design, function and budget in order to deliver a product that we are both proud of and exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Why Red Mailbox?

After the enormous success of constructing our first new custom home, our team then went on to redesign, renovate and sell a handful of other properties with unparalleled success across the west GTA. Upon completion of each project and to visually place our “fingerprint” on each, we would hang a red mailbox beside the front door – Thus, Red Mailbox Inc. was born! It is our vision and mandate that this symbol will continue to grow and further become synonymous with quality, integrity and craftsmanship.

We welcome and invite you to contact us regarding any of your upcoming projects or should you have any additional questions or inquiries!


Jean-Pierre (JP) Sales
Owner / Partner

Paul Sales
Owner / Partner